Staff and Partners

Beach Watch Staff of the Greater Farallones Association (formerly Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association (FMSA)

  Kirsten Lindquist is the Ecosystem Monitoring Manager. She manages Beach Watch, a Greater Farallones National  Marine Sanctuary long-term monitoring program that utilizes the expertise of over 140 citizen scientists to collect data along the coast. She is also a seabird observer on ACCESS Partnership research cruises within our three local sanctuaries. Kirsten earned a degree in Environmental Studies and Marine Conservation from Prescott College in 2001. Since then she has worked in the remote field studying seabirds and marine mammals throughout the Pacific, Antarctica, and most notably here throughout the California Current.; 415-530-5358

imageDru Devlin is a Research Associate for the Greater Farallones Association. She assists with the management of  the Beach Watch program,Emergency Response Planning and wildlife observation and research support for ACCESS Partnership cruises.  She enjoys working closely with the volunteers and getting out to the beach and sea whenever she can.  She earned both her Master’s of Public and Business Administration, and B.A. in Social Ecology from the University of California at Irvine.; 415-530-5373

jamieJamie Hall is a Research Associate with Beach Watch. He has been a Beach Watch volunteer since 1996 and has worked with the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Greater Farallones Association in many rolls. He consults on special surveys, mortality events and oil spill data, volunteer training and mentoring, photography, and assistance with the Beach Watch database.

Peter Pyle_sm Peter Pyle is the  is the Advanced Technical Review Specialist for Beach Watch. He participates in training volunteers advanced bird identification skills both in the class room and in the field. He is an integral part of our data review process by confirming age, sex and age of all dead birds documented in the field. Peter received a B.S. in Biology from Swarthmore College in 1979 and has careered as an ornithologist and marine biologist. He has published many papers on bird molt and taught workshops on this subject in North and Latin America, participated in numerous at-sea observational cruises for marine birds and. He is a Research Associate both at the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, and the B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu. He is a prolific author of scientific papers and three books. He is currently a staff biologist at the Institute for Bird Populations. 

 Taylor Nairn is the Data Manager for Beach Watch at the Greater Farallones Association. She is an ecosystem monitor with years of experience in varying terrain and biodiversity. She has undergone several trainings in order to be prepared for oil spill response, and participates in ACCESS Partnership Cruises in data entry. Taylor earned a B.S. in Environmental Science from San Francisco State University in 2010, with a concentration in Natural Resource Management and Conservation. She has several years of field and horticultural experience in plant restoration, and enjoys going on adventures and being a lifelong learner through Beach Watch. 415-530-5359

Catherine Corey is a research associate for GFA, assisting with volunteer training and mentoring.  Her special interest is linking academic science and the public through interpretive walks, talks, and publications.  She likes looking at dead stuff.



Beach Watch is proud to regularly work with non-profit groups, resource agencies and academic institutions. Our partners include:


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MPA Watch

California Academy of Sciences

National Park Service

Point Blue Conservation Science

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary



Oiled Wildlife Care Network